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About Wildwood Flower Co

Wildwood Flower Co: Our Story

I grew up in the Missouri where the fields are full of wildflowers and when I moved to South Florida, I wanted to encapsulate the whimsy of the wildflowers paired with the tropical feel and elegance that is Florida. With the meeting of these two, Wildwood was born. 

I believe there is such joy and beauty in the simple things: a cup of good coffee, tending to a plant, a fresh bouquet of flowers. 

Wildwood is very much a family-owned + operated business, I am often arranging flowers with my four year old boy nearby and our newborn boy napping while my husband is out delivering an arrangement or two. 

I want something meaningful for you from Wildwood: an experience. That’s why I hand-write each personalized card, thoughtfully arrange each bouquet and tend to each plant in house until it finds its home with you. 

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